Our Mission

Team Flight has a mission! It actually has nothing to do with the paranormal, it's about giving back, and changing lives in what we are calling "FLIGHT'S MISSION OF LOVE"


Think about this for a minute- you're a young child, sick with cancer, scared for your life, facing the hardest thing ever.. think of yourself in the waiting room... what may be 20 minutes can seem like 20 hours in that situation. All the thoughts going through your head, whether you're waiting for a test or test results, chemo, radiation, or even admittance.. it's a scary place to be for anyone let alone a child. St. Judes Childrens Cancer Research hospital is a wonderful hospital, they not only treat every child they NEVER turn anyone away because the family cannot pay. The waiting room has a box of big ziploc bags there called "Bags of fun". Every child is allowed to take a bag and keep their minds occupied.. some are filled with crayons and mini coloring books or notepads, some have stickers or little action figures, toy cars, etc... these bags help the kids get their mind off of this wait , for awhile anyway. I shop at the dollar store a lot, I know for a fact we can spend just $5 and fill a big ziploc bag of things for a child. Now think about this- if we can each get just 1 person to make a bag, or donate to have one made, and that person reaches out to 1 more person... imagine how many children we can help.We cannot do this alone, our mission is to collect as many bags possible and send a big shipment out every month to them to keep their waiting room filled so each and every child's wait can be a bit more comforting in knowing people like us care.

I will personally ship out too them every month.

Every person who helps in anyway will have their name on the contribution letters sent to them and announced on our websites.

I'm asking our fans and friends to help out in anyway you possibly can. You can mail me your made "Bags of fun" or donations, or even paypal us.. it is our PROMISE that each and every bag, dollar, etc. will be used to help these children at St. Judes. I will personally shop and make the baggies up if I have to! We are trying to make a difference in this world, and we are determined to do so! We hope we can count on all of you to help in anyway possible. If 30 people sent just 1 bag a month there's 30 right there, 1 a day to be used. Imagine the possibility if all of us worked together, imagine the smiles on their faces, and the worry temporarily taken off their minds as they wait what they must face.

FLIGHT'S MISSION OF LOVE is beginning now! April 1st our first big shipment will be sent out, we hope we can count on everyone's help to make this mission successful... Thank you-

Team F.L.I.G.H.T. †