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On this page, we will post EVPs we have captured as we go through them. We will not always say what we think it says, we want everyone to listen with an open mind and decide for yourselves what you think is being spoken. We would love feedback, so if you think you can make them out, or believe it says something other than what we posted, please EMAIL us! please let us know which EVP you are referring to, and what you think is being said. Our email address is [email protected]. We look forward to your responses! †

(All credit for the EVP analysis goes to my good friend, and Flight's partner, and extended member) John. He is the expert of EVPs, his website can be found here: (Thanks John!)

Ravens.wav (WAV — 2 MB)

During an investigation in Raven's home, she asked 'Are my parents here?' If you listen closely, you will hear responses, 3 different things are said a few seconds apart after her question. We have an idea what we think is being said, but what do you think is being said?

 Not for you.wav (WAV — 193 KB)

Sounds clear to us as saying 'Not for you'

 Agnitha Come With Us!.wav (WAV — 767 KB

This woman sounds like she has an accent, it sounds to us like she is speaking to someone named Agnitha saying to her 'Come with us'

Oh yea.wav (WAV — 520 KB

While explaining to the spirits how to communicate with the devices we have, it seems the were pretty excited upon explanation as to us it sounds like they say 'Oh yea!'

During a series of questions here, asking if anyone has any messages for anyone here, you can hear what sounds like a male voice saying 'Everything is fine'

You can clearly hear a male spirit say 'Hold it!' Then what sounds like a child after saying "mommy"


It's funny as Raven asks if there's anything else to be said you hear an entity say "get...out.. fits"

WHAT (WAV — 656 KB)

As Raven asks "Do you want us to leave you alone tonight?" You hear a male entity ask "What?"

Car Horn (WAV — 3 MB)

You can hear a male entity say "Check out my car horn" then actually hear a horn... The irony is that Raven's dad used to do this because he played his car horn upon arrival and departure, usually to the chant of his favorite hockey team.


Upon asking the spirits to just say your name, we are reminded here by them in their response saying "That isn't easy"

HOWS JIM.wav (WAV — 1 MB)

When a member speaks to the deceased former owner of this residence, reminding him that he knew him and his son, the spirit then asks how his son is...

 Thank you (WAV — 248 KB)

Here is sounds like we were being thanked for reaching out to them

Few responses? (WAV — 775 KB)

When asking who is here, it sounds like a few responses all at once, can you make it out?

 To hurt me? (WAV — 1 MB

In explaining to the spirits that we had devices on the table that we wanted them to use, it seems they were unfamiliar with them and feared they would hurt them as one asks "To hurt me?"

Well it appears as though whatever spirits were here that night, the surely knew Raven as they asked "Where's your coffee?"

Eat me (WAV — 2 MB)

Guess we had a pissed off entity here as he clearly states his message is "Eat me"